Anglais Quality of indoor air, quality of life ; a decade of research to breathe better, breathe easier (édition en anglais)

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The quality of the air we breathe every day - at home, at the office, in childcare centres, schools and recreational venues - is fast becoming a pressing concern.

It was back in 2001, at a time when knowledge and insights on indoor air pollution were few and far between, that the authorities signed the creation of the OQAI as an observatory 100% dedicated to indoor air quality.

The OQAI's founding mission was to coordinate national-scale survey campaigns in order to compile key scientific knowledge needed to support government policy initiatives, press sector professionals to adopt better practices, and inform the wider public on the seriousness of indoor air pollution and its real-world health risks.

The results and learnings of the OQAI's first decade of research and surveys have now been compiled into a single book to help key stakeholders gain a better grasp of the issues at stake, gauge the national and international challenges involved, and even find valuable practical guidance on tackling indoor air quality measures.

This book is a mine of fundamental data - the same data that now provides a benchmark for environmental health agencies and a baseline for guiding government regulations and technical policy to ensure better-quality indoor environments.

The OQAI is publicly-funded to stay fully independent of industry interests. It is coordinated by a unique governance platform federating all the stakeholders involved and built on a diverse, cross-disciplinary network of top-notch science and technology collaborators.

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